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Five text books on Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Neural Network

In recent years, artificial intelligence has been used for various prediction, simulation, and optimization problems, with the majority requiring results with accuracy levels that exceeded expectations. Artificial neural networks serve as the foundation of AI (ANN). In order to learn ANN, this article will provide links to five books that explain the idea of ANN in simple terms for beginners. ( Click here for a Surprise (AD) Neural Networks: An Essential Beginners Guide to Artificial Neural Networks and their Role in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Authors : Herbert Jones Price : Rs.205/=(Kindle Edition) Feedbacks : Reviewed in India by Rahul Verma on 14 October 2018 “This is just the right guidebook if you are interested in Artificial Neural Networks and want to get better understanding over this networks. I would like to recommend all beginners to read this book because all the things that what I got from this book were easy to understand. It was such a fantastic read &
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Five Text Books You Must Read to Understand the concept of Hydroinformatics

Hydroinformatics is a relatively new concept, but it essentially involves the application of data science techniques to water-related problems. Along with data science techniques, it entails the implementation of data extraction and mining, which may aid in the identification of fundamental problems in hydrology, hydraulics, hydropower, and other water resource development and management topics. Although the concept, like data science courses, is new, the popularity of the application area is growing. For example, only ten to fifteen years ago, we had no idea what informatics was, but it is now one of the most popular topics for the year 2022 with respect to people looking for an international degree. Its popularity has grown in the last five years. However, there is a scarcity of courses on informatics-related topics. That is why we must rely on books on the subject. The problem is that no single book will teach you everything you need to know about informatics. You must consult sever

Five free statistics software that you can use in Water Resource Research

Statistics is an essential part of water resource research. But presently all the popular statistical software is expensive and for a student or individual researcher, it is nearly impossible to procure such software. For example, the cost of the most popular statistical software is as given below : Statista ($59 per month,billed annually) Sigma XL : $299.00 USD(Single Licence) IBM SPSS Statistics ($99 per user per month) JMP : $1200 Minitab : $1610.00 USD(Single User Annual Subscription) There are many other paid software programs that offer various statistical analyses, such as Origin Pro and Stata, but their prices vary depending on location, number of users, and other factors. That is why they ask you to request a quote, and upon receipt of your request, they will provide you with a quotation based on your specific requirement. An individual researcher, on the other hand, cannot afford such a high price. As a result, we must rely on grants or institutes to obtain this software.

Five project ideas for "Hydroinformatics in Groundwater"

     In recent years, advanced soft computation techniques such as Multi-Criteria Decision Making and Geographical Information Systems have been widely used to solve water resource development problems. Hydroinformatics (Hydro means Hydrus or water, and informatics means information science) is a branch of science concerned with the application of advanced soft computation techniques and information and communication technologies (ICTs) to water-related problems. The following are five hydro informatics project topics that can be applied to groundwater problems. Complete Article at  HydroGeek Thanks, @Mrinmoy's Page @data_hydrology , @Merchandise or @ @products_sustainability Add to Listy /

How IoT is used for fish farming ?

Download the Clickable version Robots, drones, remote sensors, and computer imaging, along with constantly improving machine learning and analytical tools, are used in IoT in fish farms to monitor the fish during its various developmental stages, survey, and map fields, as well as provide data to farmers for logical farm management plans that will save them time and money. The October Edition of HydroGeek tries to highlight the various application of IoTs for the development of fish farming technologies. Some of the most significant case studies and research works were identified and placed under the Case Study and Research News sections. The latest Calls for conferences of the year 2023, New Journals, Special Issues of old journals, and tutorials on IoT were also shared in the Newsletter. Download the clickable version or try to access the free version from the image of the newsletter. You can also view my other related posts : Seven Active Internship Opportunities in Hydroinformatic

Vulnerability Assessment Of Pineapple Industries Under Changed Climate Scenarios : A new research idea

Proposed Methodology Vulnerability in pineapple industries due to climate change Justification : The pineapple is a tropical plant with edible fruit, and it is the most economically important plant in the Bromeliaceae family. Pineapple cultivation is restricted to hilly regions in northeastern India and coastal regions of peninsular India with high rainfall and humidity. It is also commercially grown in the interior plains with medium rainfall and supplementary irrigation. Pineapple is primarily grown under rainfed conditions. Supplemental irrigation aids in the production of large fruits in areas with abundant rainfall. Irrigation also helps to establish an off-season planting to maintain its year-round production. In case of scanty rainfall and hot weather, irrigation may be provided once in 20-25 days. The success of Pineapple cultivation depends on various climatic parameters as well as soil characteristics and irrigation requirements. Now due to global warming, the regular pattern

Seven Active Internship Opportunities in Hydroinformatics Engineering

Internship opportunities in Hydroinformatics There are a variety of internship opportunities available in the field of Hydroinformatics Engineering. The list below contains the most relevant internship opportunities from India and around the world. The list is not sorted and arranged at random. You can use ODM  to rank the opportunities and arrange them as needed. H2i The Singapore Delft Water Alliance (SDWA), a Center of Excellence that conducted a wide range of research in urban and coastal water resource management and disseminated its findings on a national and international scale, served as the basis for H2i. This company accepts interns year-round and on an application basis. Link: UNU-INWEH Using open Earth data, UNU-INWEH has created a Historical Flood Mapping tool that generates inundation maps for significant floods in the Global South from 1984 to the present and is currently looking for an intern to help us create a Flood Risk Index.