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Five New Ideas for Opening Start Ups in Water Conservation

PPT Link / Video Link Photo by Naja Bertolt Jensen on Unsplash "Water is a key element for the process industry and a core component for recycling and sustainable management. In industry, water fulfills many functions, including its use as raw material, as a means of transport as well as its use for cleaning and cooling"( source ) "The global Smart Water Management market size is expected to grow USD 13.8 billion in 2021 to USD 22.4 billion by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 10.1% during the forecast period"( source ). Intelligent water conservation and management techniques need to be adopted by the industry such that water can be optimally utilized. Now as per the forecast and recent occurrence of extreme events the necessity of such management has become more significant. Based on this need, some start-up businesses can be established which can help to achieve the water conservation goals. Five such ideas are discussed below. 1)Climate Risk Ass
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Five Latest MCDM Techniques to solve Decision Making Problems

PDF / Video / Slide In recent years the use of Multi-Criteria Decision Making(MCDM) Techniques has increased rapidly in every discipline to solve decision-making problems by an objective procedure. The MCDM techniques are rapidly used and modified for optimal problem solving and to reduce the convergence time. What is the MCDM concept? Many brief tutorials on the MCDM concept are available on the internet. You can visit my introduction to the MCDM video also for a short and simple explanation about the MCDMs and their need in today's research. However, this post is not about the concepts or basic working principles , or the strengths and weaknesses of the concept. This post is about the most recent MCDM techniques which are now widely used for solving decision support problems in nearly all disciplines. Generally, by MCDM, we understand the techniques invented by Saaty and known as Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP). This compensatory method of MCDM is popularly utilized for app

Seven Most Promising Trends of Research that can create A World with Sustainable Future

View as PowerPoint Slide / Video Due to various atrocities with the natural resources of the World, the global equilibrium has been compromised. To resist and revert to our sustainable future, our topic of research must move towards projects with sustainable innovation. To create the "World with Sustainable Future", the entry-level researchers must march towards sustainability not only to accomplish their career goals but to develop projects that can ensure our future generation about their comfortable co-existence. The seven most promising trend that is depicted below indicates where we must encourage our innovators to innovate, such that the World become sustainable for its future. 1)Climate positivity How to become climate positive? Climate Positive means to become Carbon Neutral, by controlling greenhouse gas emissions that one is generating. According to Go Climate Positive, there are 2 ways you can do this: 1) By offsetting your carbon footprint and 2)by preventing oth

Five Most Extreme Hydrologic Events that changed the World

Typhoon Tip, Philipines(Collected from : CSMonitor ) Extreme events in various hydrological parameters have changed the way the World is now. Devastating storms, severe flood, acute famine conditions, etc. hydrological events of extreme nature has changed human history. Any event which is not normal is known as an abnormal event. In the case of hydrology, an event that has a return period of more than100 years is considered Extreme. According to Herring(2020) of, "An extreme event is a time and place in which weather, climate, or environmental conditions—such as temperature, precipitation, drought, or flooding—rank above a threshold value near the upper or lower ends of the range of historical measurements." Though the threshold is not objective, few researchers have defined "extreme events as those that occur in the highest or lowest 5% or 10% of historical measurements". Some have described events by their deviation from the mean, or by their occurren

Five indices that you can use to identify Drought

Drought can not be defined as Flood. No single definition is available for drought. The beginning and end of drought are difficult to identify.  Drought can be, however, identified through various indicators such as rainfall, snowpack, streamflow, and more, and these indicators can be used to monitor drought. Different scientists and researchers have developed various indices to help determine the onset, severity, and end of droughts. Drought indices are multiparameter and based on long or short duration observation of data for such parameters which help them create a comprehensible big picture. A drought index value is typically a single number that is calculated based on the data of input parameters generally rainfall, snowpack, evapotranspiration, etc., and is interpreted on a scale of abnormally wet, average, and abnormally dry.( Reference ) The video below elaborates the concept : Although drought is very difficult to determine the significance of drought in agriculture, water res

Six topics of Climate Change which can rule the Research World in the Next Five decades

View the presentation or video . Uncontrolled extraction of natural resources and ever-growing population has caused the climate to warm which has resulted in global warming. Due to global warming, there is a change observed in climatic patterns in different parts of the World. As a result :  " Today's kids will experience 3 times as many climate disasters as their grandparents ",  Lake Powell and different similar pondage hydropower plants can lose the "Ability to Generate Hydropower"  within few years,  Foods like bananas, Avocados, Coffee, Chocolate, Wine will extinct in the near future , the frequency of extreme events has increased in the last decades and the trend will intensify in the near future, the occurrence of viral diseases is predicted to create endemic like conditions, and many other abnormal events will soon become normal as per numerous reports being published by different national and international organizations related to climate change. Keep

Three Most Recent UAV Used in Weather Monitoring

The UAV applications in weather monitoring are increased and in the future as many places in the Earth is slowly becoming inaccessible to human being due to climate change and its impacts like wildfire, flood, etc. This video shows the three most recent use of UAV in weather monitoring. Airmar’s 150WX WeatherStation  UK’s National Oceanography Centre (NOC) has selected this UAV for monitoring and gathering weather information with the help of its 150WX WeatherStation Instrument. This instrument can measure wind speed, air temperature, barometric pressure, and relative humidity data for a long duration. More Info . Hobby king Bixler 2.0 + Weather Monitoring Sensors A Hobbyking Bixler 2.0 plane fitted with multiple sensors which can measure humidity, temperature, and CO levels. A wireless camera is mounted in the aircraft for providing visual inputs to the user. Various pollutants can also be recognized and identified. This new project had modified an existing unmanned vehicle into a sop
Since the Covid-19 hit the world, remote management strategies have gained popularity. Best Remote Work Management Strategies For 2021 offer management and workers to improve their policies and work practices is not the sole benefit of this process.