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New Research Idea: Comparing Neuro-genetic,Neuro-Fuzzy and ANFIS in prediction of Soil Erodibility

New Research Idea : Comparing Neuro-genetic,Neuro-Fuzzy and ANFIS in prediction of Soil Erodibility All the above neural hybrid models are applied in various hydrologic and hydraulic studies but such models are rarely used to predict Soil Erodibility due to the scarcity of data. But with combinatorial data matrix one can take the advantage of such models in prediction of  Soil Erosion in a watershed.

Importance of Water Budget Equation

Cover Feature The Water Balance or Budget Equation can be treated as the mother of all types of hydro-metereological equations.The equation is derived from Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy and states that inflow of water is equal to outflow of the same.If there exist an unequality,then it will contribute to the existing storage of water of the region.Precipitation and Inflows are accounted under Inflow and Runoff,Ground Water Outflow(contributed by infiltration) and Evapo-Transpiration is treated as Outflow.We can find any one of the variables from the equation if the other ones are already known. Feature 1 Subsurface Return Flow can be defined as that amount of water which ex-filtrate back to the surface after being infiltrated in the up-slope portion of the hill. Feature 2 Dosear is a new mind map generation tool made exclusively for academic people.It has the features like importing
Since the Covid-19 hit the world, remote management strategies have gained popularity. Best Remote Work Management Strategies For 2021 offer management and workers to improve their policies and work practices is not the sole benefit of this process.