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Reposted : How to predict time dependent hydrological variables with the help of neural network ?

We all know that most of the hydrological variables are time-dependent. It changes with time. Artificial Neural Network on the other hand has been found to perform best for time-dependent problems. Whether there is any relationship between time-dependent variables and neural network is unknown but it can be assured that neural networks can be used to develop models for the prediction of hydrological variables with better accuracy compared to other hydrological models. The post below depicts the methodology for the application of neural networks in the development of hydrological models. This is reposted from my Water and Energy Nexus Blog : Thanking you, Mrinmoy  My ResearchGate Id : Mrinmoy_Majumder Home Page:   Author of: Lecture Notes on MCDM Indian Link  ;  Global Link :

Seven Most Tenable Application of Artificial Intelligence on Water Resource Management Problems

AI or Artificial Intelligence is a pioneering technique that has enabled the creation of intelligent machines. or smart machines which have the power to self adapt based on the situation presented to them. It requires situations whose response is known and based on this training data set it learns the problems which it has to solve when it is ready. Due to the alarming success with AI in robotics, electronics, etc fields the same technique is now used to solve the problems of water resource management. This ppt shows the seven most notable use of AI in water resources-based problems where satisfactory improvement has encouraged the further application of the technique. View the Presentation Dr.Mrinmoy Majumder, My ResearchGate Id : Mrinmoy_Majumder Home Page:   Author of: Lecture Notes on MCDM Indian Link  ; Global Link :
Since the Covid-19 hit the world, remote management strategies have gained popularity. Best Remote Work Management Strategies For 2021 offer management and workers to improve their policies and work practices is not the sole benefit of this process.