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5 Most Sustainable Decision Making Techniques Used In Water Resources Management

This video depicts the application of MCDM and Optimization Techniques in Water Resource Management Problems. A total of five studies were discussed which have the maximum citation among the papers published under the topic of Water Resource Management.  The video also provides the links to the tutorials of five Multi-Attribute Decision-Making techniques and five Multi-Objective Decision-Making methods which are mostly used in solving decision-making problems in sustainable water management objectives. Thanking you, Dr.Mrinmoy Majumder Subscribe to Hydrogeek Enroll in the MCDM course

Ten most used computer models for prediction of cyclonic storms

Photo by Noah Boyer on Unsplash    "The average of all the predictions for the 2021 season is for 17 tropical storms to form, out of which eight would reach hurricane status. The normal is 14 storms a year, out of which seven become hurricanes"...More detail at  NBC,2021 . How have they predicted? With the help of various computer models which are known to be efficient and reliable in the approximation of the track, intensity, and time of occurrence of cyclonic storms. The level of accuracy of these models attributes to the prevention of loss of life and intensity of damages to public properties. In this presentation, I had tried to highlight the ten most used models in this aspect which were responsible for saving millions of life and their livelihood. It is to be noted that not one model is efficient enough to predict such stochastic phenomena. That is why multiple models are used to approximate the occurrence/track/intensity or all three aspects of a cyclonic storm(any st