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Five indices that you can use along with GIS to identify Drought

Drought can not be defined as Flood. No single definition is available for drought. The beginning and end of drought are difficult to identify.  Drought can be, however, identified through various indicators such as rainfall, snowpack, streamflow, and more, and these indicators can be used to monitor drought. Different scientists and researchers have developed various indices to help determine the onset, severity, and end of droughts. Drought indices are multiparameter and based on long or short duration observation of data for such parameters which help them create a comprehensible big picture. A drought index value is typically a single number that is calculated based on the data of input parameters generally rainfall, snowpack, evapotranspiration, etc., and is interpreted on a scale of abnormally wet, average, and abnormally dry.( Reference ) The video below elaborates the concept : Although drought is very difficult to determine the significance of drought in agriculture, water res