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Six types of filters mostly used in purifying water for city dwellers: Issue 1 of HydroGeek Newsletters

HydroGeek Vol 1 Issue 1 Filters are used to purify or convert raw untreated water into drinkable or pure water which can be safely consumed by a human being. After purification, this water has to adhere to the standards proposed by a regulating authority responsible for the said purpose. Every country has its own standards. Generally, different types of filters are used to remove or neutralize five major types of impurities observed in water:  Total and faecal coliform, Biological Oxygen Demand, Hardness, Heavy Metals and Turbidity to achieve those standards. In addition to this, there are other impurities also but if a filter can reduce or neutralize the above five impurities then the filter is allowed to be used as a self-sustainable unit for producing drinking water. The first edition of HydroGeek tries to highlight the role of water filters in creating "sustainable and healthy human life", with the following content : Content 1) Six types of filters mostly  used in purify