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Sponsored PhD Opportunity

Funded PhD in Cold Region Hydrology. View this link to know more : Location: McGill University (Montreal) or Dalhousie University (Halifax) Project start: May 2020 or earlier. Originally Posted by Reynold Chow.

Microbe Test Kit ;INR 933 per sample but 86 sample with one go

The presence of microbes can be executed within 7 to 15 days with the conventional testing method. As a result initiation of analysis of the water samples become delayed. Water Glo System from Promega helps to reduce this time delay by batch sampling for Microbe detection which can identify bio-indicator in 96 samples per conduction of experiment. The cost of sampling with the Water Glo kit is Rs.933/sample. The test utilizes the present concentration of ATP to approximate the presence of Microbes in the samples. Here is the link : Water Glo System Originally Shared in LinkedIn Founding Editor of Innovate for Sustainability s.