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Three number of ideas on which PG Projects can be accomplished

The summer season can be utilized by the pursue of research on the following few ideas. The ideas are developed based on the type of audience that means whether  B.Tech. or M.Tech, Students or Teachers, etc. students will enjoy doing these topics to complete their PG or UG requirement. Title: Short Term Rainfall forecasting by ANN-MCDM Approach Pre-requisite : Various data of climatic parameters, land use pattern of the region, cloud type and density for 1 to 5 days before the day of forecast. Justification of the Study : Rainfall can impact the output of many industrial and agricultural processes. Even the energy output from the power sector is affected by the climatic parameter. Short term rainfall forecasting is an important concept as it can help the planners of this industry to adjust their input so that the required output will remain unaffected. Brief Methodology : A widescale expert and local survey followed by a literature review have to be conducted to identify the parameters

M.Tech in Hydro-Informatics Engineering

Hydroinformatics? National Institute of Technology Agartala(Tripura) is offering 2 years course on M.Tech in Hydro-Informatics Engineering. Graduates from Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and MSc students of Environment Engineering, GIS are eligible to apply. If you have a valid GATE score, you can enrol through the Spot Round counselling which will be held online by the CCMT. The course is nine years old and the passed out students are either doing PhD in a reputed institute like IIT Roorkee, IIT Delhi, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Ropar etc.or have been appointed as Assistant Professor in different colleges like University of Engineering and Management(Kol), Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology(Kol) etc. Few students have also cracked the campus interview to join in L&T, Infosys etc. But according to the course coordinator, the School of Hydro-Informatics Engg., which is conducting the course, wants a student who is interested in doing research in interdisciplinary topics. As for