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Five Most Promissing Topics of Research in Hydrology

Download the Tutorial for the Clickable Version Hydrology is a very old subject still; a lot of scopes are left in this subject which is hitherto unearthed. Below is the list of the five most promising topics of research that have steadily gained their presence in hydrology-related publications, in the last five years. List of Most Promising Topics ◼ Building-induced rainfall redistribution(BIRR)  ◼ Rainfall nowcasting  ◼ Applications of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) in Hydrology  ◼ Post-fire hydrology in forest  ◼ Baseflow Signature Predictions   Building-induced rainfall redistribution(BIRR)  Microtopography due to the building roofs and rainfall redistribution due to the same has significant effect on urban hydrology and as a result, it also influences the accuracy of flood forecasting models. Rainfall nowcast  Very Short Term ( 2 or less than 2-hour lead time) Rainfall forecasts (nowcasts) are useful in operational flood forecasting and the model which predict such storm is known

Five Most Used Classical Optimization Algorithm

Classical Optimization Algorithms can be defined as "COA is defined as that algorithm which can be used to identify the best solution from a set of available solutions which is continuous and differentiable. " Although due to the limitations like the requirement of continuous and differentiable functions such algorithm can not be applied for various objectives however due to the iteration time and optimization efficiency the following five COA is used widely including practical and real-life problems : Linear programming : Both Objective and Constraint function is represented by a linear function. View the complete tutorial on Linear Programming Integer programming: Uses linear programs in which at least one variable uses only integer values. View the complete tutorial on Integer  Programming Dynamic programming : here both or anyone's objective or constraint function depends on dynamic functions. View the complete tutorial on Dynamic Programming Stochastic programming :

Five examples of circular economy in water conservation

This presentation depicts five examples of circular economy used in water resource management.  Circular Economy aims at reducing waste by introducing the concept of reuse/recycle/refurbish of products thereby reducing pollution and energy use which in turn makes a project sustainable as well as cost-effective. Click the following links to watch the presentation : Slideshare / Youtube Subscribe to this blog through Substack / Subscribe to our product feed :