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Call for Paper:International Journal of Water and Informatics

Journal Title : International Journal of Water and Informatics Keywords : water resource management, informatics, soft computing tools,optimal management of water resources,artificial neural networks, Group method of data handling, statistical charts, decision making, predictive modeling, geographical information systems, image processing. About the Journal : In the recent years, the problem of water scarcity is solved by the application of various soft computing tools and innovative managerial decisions.The emphasis is now placed in the optimal management of the existing resources rather than providing options to generate new sources.The measures like prevention of wastage and pollution along with the intelligent allocation of the resources are stressed to mitigate the climatic impact on the available water sources.The journal accepts original research works related to the application of soft computing tools and nature based algorithms for optimal utilization of water resources.R

Internationl Journal for River Research Applications

Do anybody heard about this journal ?   Name of the Journal : River Research and Applications Link to the Journal : Publisher : Willey Topics : Hydrology (flow regimes, floods, droughts, instream flows, surface/groundwater interaction); water quality (physical, geo-chemical and biochemical processes); channel changes, erosion and sedimentation; flora and fauna (including micro-organisms, algae, macrophytes, invertebrates, fish and other vertebrates),Impact assessment, environmental monitoring and modelling, integrated river-basin management, and restoration and conservation of running-water and associated (e.g. floodplain) ecosystems and environmental change (e.g. land use, climate, water demand). Reservoir operation and release strategies and instream flow methodologies, surface and groundwater abstractions and inter-basin transfers, water-quality control, biotic indices, pest and aquatic weed cont