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How to find the flood hydrograph from Unit Hydrograph?

The problem is : The ordinates of the unit hydrograph are given, the duration and rainfall depth of storm/precipitation are given, phi index and baseflow are provided. Find the ordinates of the Flood Hydrograph. Solution ?? Visit my page for the answer at 9pm today by clicking the link below : You may also like : HydroGeek: The newsletter for researchers of water resources Baipatra VSC: Enroll for online courses for Free Energy in Style: Participate in Online Internships for Free Innovate S: Online Shop for Water Researchers Call for Paper: International Journal of HydroClimatic Engineering Hydro Geek Newsletter Edition 2023.1 Introducti

How to work with Cuckoo Search Algorithm?

Definition of the Cuckoo Search Algorithm  The Cuckoo Search Algorithm is a metaheuristic optimization algorithm inspired by the behavior of cuckoo birds. It was first introduced by Xin-She Yang and Suash Deb in 2009. This algorithm is based on the concept of brood parasitism, where cuckoo birds lay their eggs in the nests of other bird species, forcing them to raise their offspring. Similarly, in the Cuckoo Search Algorithm, a population of candidate solutions (cuckoos) is generated and each solution represents a potential solution to the optimization problem. These solutions are then evaluated based on their fitness, which represents how well they perform in solving the problem. The algorithm follows a process of random search and local search, where each cuckoo's solution is modified and improved iteratively.  The best solutions are selected and used to generate new solutions for the next iteration. This process continues until a stopping criterion is met, such as reaching a max