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Sponsored PhD Opportunity

Funded PhD in Cold Region Hydrology. View this link to know more : Location: McGill University (Montreal) or Dalhousie University (Halifax) Project start: May 2020 or earlier. Originally Posted by Reynold Chow.

Microbe Test Kit ;INR 933 per sample but 86 sample with one go

The presence of microbes can be executed within 7 to 15 days with the conventional testing method. As a result initiation of analysis of the water samples become delayed. Water Glo System from Promega helps to reduce this time delay by batch sampling for Microbe detection which can identify bio-indicator in 96 samples per conduction of experiment. The cost of sampling with the Water Glo kit is Rs.933/sample. The test utilizes the present concentration of ATP to approximate the presence of Microbes in the samples. Here is the link : Water Glo System Originally Shared in LinkedIn Founding Editor of Innovate for Sustainability s.

Data Science Machine Learning and AI workshop in Delhi on Dec 20 and 21.

2 day workshop on Data Science, Machine Learning and AI The link for registration

Research Associate in IIT Roorke for consultancy project

There is an opportunity to join as a Research Assiciate in a Consultancy project that was awarded to IIT Roorkee. Link to know more is Minimum Qualification : Phd or MTech in hydrology/water resource. Last date of application : 20 Sept 2019.

Simple Decision Maker with WSM and WPM Techniques

The most easy to use decision making techniques : Weighted Sum Method(WSM) and Weighted Product Method(WPM). Visit this link to access the WSM and WPM calculator which will help you to identify the best option from a set of available solutions for a given decision making problem. @Innovate for Sustainability Subscribe Me

Scope of Sponsoring Research Articles

 I am raising money for the open access fee for publishing my article in a highly reputed journal "Measurement Control".This journal is published from SAGE Publishers and is popular among the multidisciplinary researchers working in the field of engineering measurements and control .  This is important to me because publishing in this journal will help me to promote my research among the interested population who can use them to benefit their research goals. I am unable to fund this myself due to excessive charge taken by the journal for publishing an article.  I want to request for your help to achieve this. Please help by donating or sharing the fundraiser with your friends and family. The name of every donor will be acknowledged in the published paper such that the whole world will be aware about the people who have helped me to achieve my dream.