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How to apply optimization techniques to water resource problems?

"Maximizing or minimizing some function comparative to some set, often demonstrating a range of choices available in a certain situation. The function allows evaluation of the different choices for determining which might be “best.”....Definition of optimization. In optimization, we try to maximize/minimize/achieve a target value by changing some variables of an objective equation. Optimization is used to solve problems in a multidisciplinary field including water resources. The problems like solving multi-reservoir optimization, water allocation problems, economic optimization of water-based systems, performance optimization of water treatment plants, etc. can be easily solved by the application of various classical and new optimization techniques. If you search on the internet, especially through Sciencedirect or Springer Portals you will find multiple papers on the Optimization Technique and its application to water resource problems For example, the following are some of the c

How to use GIS for detection of Leaks in Pipelines ?

View Slide Show Leak detection in pipelines is a common problem faced by residential complexes, industries, office complexes, and also in simple single-storied houses. If you know how to use GIS to detect that leak then it will be easier for you to fix it. This short tutorial describes the procedure to identify leaks in pipe networks with the help of Free Open Source GIS Software. Thanking you, @Mrinmoy Founding and Honorary Editor Share your data requirement Subscribe Publish your book with EIS Publishers Promoted Products: "Ashwagandha and Other Products for Enhancing Immunity".. Nutrilite(Use 13238584 as ABO ID) Procure Hydrology Themed T-Shirts from Innovate S