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International Journal of Marine Energy

This journal is published from Elsevier.It is a new and open access journal about different case studies regarding applied and fundamental research in marine/ocean engineering. The link to the journal is : The point of contention is it is relatively new.Just one volume has been published by Elsevier.It is indexed in Scholar,Scopus and many other indices but not in SCI. The editor in chief is A.S. Bahaj. Sample Articles : Prediction of long-term fatigue damage of a hydraulic cylinder of a wave energy converter subjected to internal fluid pressure induced by wave loads Limin Yang | Torgeir Moan Validating a spectral-domain model of an OWC using physical model data Matt Folley | Trevor Whittaker Assessment method of sound radiated by cyclically operating Wells turbines R. Starzmann | C. Moisel | ... Above articles were already published as per our time and bring the book for returning the same.