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EESE 2013,Bangkok,Thailand

In Bangkok Thailand an International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Economy (EESE 2013) will be held.Last date of paper submission is Sept 20,2013. This conference is organized every year rotating the location of conference within America,Asia and Europe. The papers related to Conventional and renewable energy sources,Hybrid Energy Systems,Renewable energies: Hydro power, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Energy Policy, Planning & Management, Carbon mitigation technologies, Carbon capture and storage, Ecosystem Restoration, Waste water and Sludge Treatment, Water Treatment and Reclamation, Economics modeling, Environmental economics,Water Resources Management,Watershed/ River Basin Management,Waste water Discharge Management,will be after review accepted for presentation in the main conference day. Link for submission of paper :

International Journal of Landscape Research

This journal is published from Landscape Research Group and Taylor and Francis. Six issues are published per year.The 2012 Impact Factor of the journal is 0.580 and 5 year Impact Factor is 0.98. The journal accepts papers from the landscaping and agriculture fraternity.Some example papers are provided below : 1.Visual Perception of Agricultural Cultivated Landscapes: Key Components as Predictors for Landscape Preferences 2.Landowners' Participation in Biodiversity Conservation Examined through the Value-Belief-Norm Theory 3.Key concepts in a framework for analyzing visual landscape character etc. The journal is inclined towards papers which involves social perception in their landscaping projects. According to journal home page their research topics of interest includes : environmental design countryside management ecology and environmental conservation land surveying human and physical geography behavioural and cultural studies archaeology and h

Application of Nature Based Algorithms in Optimization of Multi-Reservoir Cascaded systems : A Review

Various people worldwide has applied nature based optimization methods for solving non-linear problems that exist in between reservoir variables.The optimization of Cascaded Multi Reservoir Systems involves the introduction of multi-variable optimization or minimization of utilization of water. The research output  will be a novel software which will show the optimized result if we give the desired values of the parameters and properly identify the reasoning. My another blog has a post on it .