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Internationl Journal for River Research Applications

Do anybody heard about this journal ?   Name of the Journal : River Research and Applications Link to the Journal : Publisher : Willey Topics : Hydrology (flow regimes, floods, droughts, instream flows, surface/groundwater interaction); water quality (physical, geo-chemical and biochemical processes); channel changes, erosion and sedimentation; flora and fauna (including micro-organisms, algae, macrophytes, invertebrates, fish and other vertebrates),Impact assessment, environmental monitoring and modelling, integrated river-basin management, and restoration and conservation of running-water and associated (e.g. floodplain) ecosystems and environmental change (e.g. land use, climate, water demand). Reservoir operation and release strategies and instream flow methodologies, surface and groundwater abstractions and inter-basin transfers, water-quality control, biotic indices, pest and aquatic weed cont