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Seven Most Promising Trends of Research that can create A World with Sustainable Future

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Due to various atrocities with the natural resources of the World, the global equilibrium has been compromised. To resist and revert to our sustainable future, our topic of research must move towards projects with sustainable innovation. To create the "World with Sustainable Future", the entry-level researchers must march towards sustainability not only to accomplish their career goals but to develop projects that can ensure our future generation about their comfortable co-existence. The seven most promising trend that is depicted below indicates where we must encourage our innovators to innovate, such that the World become sustainable for its future.

1)Climate positivity

How to become climate positive?

Climate Positive means to become Carbon Neutral, by controlling greenhouse gas emissions that one is generating. According to Go Climate Positive, there are 2 ways you can do this: 1) By offsetting your carbon footprint and 2)by preventing others from emitting Carbon.

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2)Natural Alternative to Plastic Bottles

How we can make Drinking Water Bottles from Organics?

The bottle is made from natural bioplastic that could replace plastic bottles. How to make the bottle sustainable? The cap to the wrapper is made from 100% biodegradable materials. Such bottles can be recycled completely and will also not harm the environment or add to the plastic wastes. Example: Veganbotttle.

3)Regenerative agriculture

How to practice regenerative agriculture?

An increase in CO2 emissions by the various industries like food production, lifestyle, fashion, etc, is one of the major causes of global warming. However, natural solutions to remove carbon from the atmosphere can offset the impact of increased GHGs in the atmosphere. Regenerative Farming is supposed to be one such solution.

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How to make BioSwales?

Incorporating stormwater retention areas or bioswales to prevent runoff for smart management of water has the goal to recharge groundwater.

Wise water management with smart landscape planning has the potential to become one of the most sought-after research topics in the coming decade.

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5)Protection of Coastal Erosion

How to protect coastal regions with innovative multi-use income-generating structures? 

Due to uncontrolled extraction of natural resources and ever-growing population and their burgeoning demand for luxury has imbibed and encouraged the conversion of land use and reduction of land cover. Result of which is wide-scale erosion of soil cover among other vulnerabilities. Especially, in the case of the coastal zone, erosion has increased manifold. This has created a huge demand for developing protective structures to prevent coastal erosion.TetraPot is one such example.

6)Self-filling Water bottles

How to save water by innovative practices?

A self-filling water bottle can solve the problem of water scarcity all over the World. This system can convert humid air into water by condensing moist air by a chamber that can be imparted inside the water bottle. Fontus system has developed such bottles that can harvest around 0.8 liters of water from the air in under one hour in the right climatic conditions.

7)Water Quality Monitoring Instruments

How can we prepare optimal but economical smart monitoring systems for water treatment industries?

To achieve SDGs water quality need to be monitored properly. High-temporal frequency monitoring with in situ water-quality sensors was made possible by innovations in four major areas of science and technology: (1) the instrument revolution (2) digital electronic data devices(3) computerized databases and software systems  (4) the Internet to disseminate(Myers,2019) . However much more is expected such that the cost for the same can be reduced within the reach of the needy.

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