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Five new ideas for launching agro-start ups

Five new ideas for launching agro start ups

Agricultural output controls the GDP of a Country. Especially the developing countries largely depend on its agriculture productivity to enhance their socio-economy and livelihood of the local population. Sustaining the profitability of cultivators is one of the major objectives of any government. Water and energy which are the two drivers of agriculture need to be optimally utilized. The uncontrolled and uneven distribution of natural resources, especially water resources, often compromises the agricultural productivity of the water-stressed regions of a country which in turn affects the national GDP of that country. 

So optimal management of water and also energy resources in an agricultural location can ensure stability and incrementation of GDP of the country. That is why some apps can be developed and offered commercially to the farmers which can help in not only maximization of agricultural productivity but also it will help in the smart management of the water and energy resources. If start-ups can be encouraged based on the following five apps then the water, food, energy, and economy of an area can become sustainable, and that in turn can improve the national GDP of the country. Young entrepreneurs can use the following apps to grow their business as well as ensure sustainability in agriculture.

The five apps that can be developed for the above purposes are:

-Crop Yield Predictor App
-Crop Health Monitoring App
-Soil Moisture Detection(SMD) App
-Auto-Irrigation Apps 
-GroundWater Use Monitoring App

Click here to know the ideas in detail from the schematic.

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