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Vulnerability Assessment Of Pineapple Industries Under Changed Climate Scenarios : A new research idea

Vulnerability Of Pineapple Industries due to change in climate
Proposed Methodology

Vulnerability in pineapple industries due to climate change

Justification :

The pineapple is a tropical plant with edible fruit, and it is the most economically important plant in the Bromeliaceae family. Pineapple cultivation is restricted to hilly regions in northeastern India and coastal regions of peninsular India with high rainfall and humidity. It is also commercially grown in the interior plains with medium rainfall and supplementary irrigation. Pineapple is primarily grown under rainfed conditions. Supplemental irrigation aids in the production of large fruits in areas with abundant rainfall. Irrigation also helps to establish an off-season planting to maintain its year-round production. In case of scanty rainfall and hot weather, irrigation may be provided once in 20-25 days. The success of Pineapple cultivation depends on various climatic parameters as well as soil characteristics and irrigation requirements. Now due to global warming, the regular pattern of climate is changing and the occurrence of abnormal events is rising. As a result due to this aberration in the regular pattern of climate, pineapple productivity in many locations is getting vulnerable. That is why there is a need to analyze the impact of climatic abnormalities on the productivity of pineapples in different locations of the World. 

Proposed Objective

There are various factors on which growth and harvesting of the crop will vary.No parameter is equally important. The significance varies with parameters. As a result, the climate change impacts are vaguely mensurable. The present study aims to introduce a Vulnerability Indeisces which will cognitively measure the impact of climate change on pineapple productivity and consequently the EBITDA of pineapple industries will be compared to identify the vulnerability with time. In this aspect, the technologically advanced decision-making methods and their application in vulnerability analysis will also be tested.

Pre-Requisite :

For this project, you must have a firm understanding of the following subjects: 

  1. MCDM Techniques
  2. AI Techniques
  3. Pineapple Industries
  4. Risk and Reliability

Links you may use further

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Idea Conceptualized by: Dr.Mrinmoy
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